Remember that time in everyone's life when you just grew up too fast for about 5 seconds? That chilling reminder adulthood was right around the corner...

Rebels Refinery x Movember - "House Coat Dad" Spot

Rebels Refinery x Movember: Housecoat Dad
Writers: Justin MacLean, Eric Fallon
Creative Director: Elan Marks
Producer: Claire deMarco, Mike Bailey


Directors: Justin MacLean, Mike Bailey
Director of Photography: Mark O’fearghail
Grips: Nick Kazlovskis and Lucas Joseph
Sound Recordist: Kristi McIntyre1
Makeup: Karlee Morse


Producer: Katy Marvala/School Editing
Post Production Editor: Drew MacLeod/School Editing
Sound Editing/Mixing: Dave Johnson/ Connor Illsley /JAM Post
Colour: Andrew Exworth/ Red Lab Digital


Dave: Mike Webster
Anna: Emily Stang
Young Dave: Jesse Starr
Dave’s Dad: Kevin Jollimore 
Dave’s Mom: Mandy May Cheetham
Josh: Kai Nicholson
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