Kristen Harvey (Katie Boland; The Master; Daydream Nation) is a beautiful, funny and self-deprecating 21-year old with no idea what she’s doing with her life. She has just moved back to Toronto, after failing to cut it at art school in New York City. Before moving to New York, Kristen broke up with her first love, Andrew (Adam Butcher; Falling Skies; Played), certain she wouldn’t miss the hometown guy in The Big Apple. She was wrong. So she comes home, hoping to win Andrew back. Much to her surprise, Andrew has a new girlfriend and won’t give Kristen the time of day. Now, back in her childhood bedroom, Kristen is heartbroken and bored, with too much time on her hands. Unfortunately, Kristen has two downfalls: alcohol and bad men. Thankfully, she isn’t alone on this journey. Her two best friends – the cynical and unconventional Carson (Tommie-Amber Pirie; Lost Girl) and more reserved English student Lucy (Lauren Collins; Degrassi: The Next Generation), who is trying to manage a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with their best guy friend, Dave (Michael Seater; Life with Derek) – have also recently found themselves living at home again and are equally aimless. Together, the three of them are ready to break some rules and move beyond their boundaries.
“Long Story, Short” is only available from KoldCast TV in the U.S and Canada.
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