In Here focuses on a man trapped in a room with no door and a bricked up window. His only communication lies in a fax machine that can only receive incoming messages.
This film was one of the 10 films chosen for Student TIFF from all student films across Canada.
Staring: David Sherwood
Producer: Vaishni Majoomdar
Director: Roman Tchjen
Director of Photography: Chris Lew
Assistant Director: Danielle Clayson
Production Manager: Madeline O’Shaughnessy
First A.C: Adam Cox
Gaffer: Rain Bustamante
Production Design: Bea Macapagal
Sound Editor: Andrew Chalk
Rerecording Mixer: Connor Illsley
Editor: Ray Savaya
Boom Op: Gayle Ye
Behind The Scenes: Ryan Parker
P.A: Chelsea Toner
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